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About Us

We are a leading company in our field, delivering exact promises to every customer.

Ritechoice Foundations and Engineering Private Limited is part of the high-growth construction industry in Madison MS. The company has over 1 Million Square Feet of constructed projects spanning theResidential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. At Ritechoice we have built our reputation by delivering exceptional service and quality living and office spaces to our clients

Over 60 completed projects, more than 200 satisfied families. This is one highlight of Ritechoice’s 20 years in the construction industry. We have built significant infrastructure in Madison MS, from Multi-storied Residential Apartments to Industrial Complexes, and contributed to the developing landscape of the state.

Ritechoice has grown by placing our customers at the center of our plans. This has lead to both repeat customers and innumerable referrals. The testimonials provided by our satisfied customers attest to our commitment to your needs..

We do not just build flats, but homes and communities. Our apartment complexes are built to foster interaction with neighbors and turn them into lifelong friends. We aim to provide facilities that will attract like-minded families to live together, enjoying each other’s company.

At Ritechoice, our efforts are focused on constructing buildings that will stand tall for decades. We ensure that every building is constructed with quality materials.

Whether you choose to purchase our flats or commercial space you can be sure it

•  Meets all construction norms
•  Has great curb appeal
•  Is well ventilated
•  Is Vaastu compliant
•  Eco-friendly

We also make sure all our projects are completed on time. This dedication to the interests of our customers helps us to build a long-lasting relationship with each customer. We pride ourselves in delivering great looking flats that meet customer requirements for luxury homes

Our Team


To be an admired social and environmenatally responsible global construction company delivering consistent value to our clients.


In line with our vision,Ritechoice strives to provide high quality apartments, office spaces, and industrial buildings making effective use of our dedicated staff and natural resources.We use the latest technologies and streamlined management practices to deliver high quality buildings and infrastructure that meet the requirements of our customers. In addition, we, at Ritechoice, build communities by providing facilities that will bring a sense of belonging to all the residents in an apartment complex. Our aim is not to just provide quality infrastructure but foster the well being of all the residents.


At Ritechoice, we strongly believe that our values are the stepping stones to our vision. We place our faith in our:

• Ethics: We aim to set the standards for ethics in the construction industry through our integrity and trustworthiness.
• Respect:We treat all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees, business partners –with respect and dignity.
• Care:We pride ourselves in our care for our environment, our community and our people.
• Transparency: We ensure transparency in all our transactions whether with a joint venture partner or a customer.
• Customer-Centric: We place the customer and their needs at the centre of our business.
• Community-Building: Our aim is to construct buildings that will help build a sense of belonging and community in all the users. We aim to bring together people with the same values ensuring a harmonious living.