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joint ventures

Ritechoice is interested in entering into joint venture agreements to develop buildings across Madison, MS. We have the expertise and the ability to ensure that the development is completed on time and according to specifications in any area of the state. We pride ourselves in our ability to construct residential apartments, commercial buildings or industrial facilities depending on the location of the land and the other features.

At Ritechoice, we ensure that all discussions for joint development take place directly with the landowners. We believe that direct discussions with the owner of the land will ensure that all their concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently. This system also ensures that the land owner is able to directly convey their specific needs and desires for the property.

In order to ensure an equitable venture, we, at Ritechoice, have established procedures in place to structure the discussions and help landowners maximize their returns from the land. Ritechoice is committed to helping landowners utilize their property optimally to ensure a satisfactory outcome. We, at Ritechoice, believe that a joint venture should benefit both the land owner and us. When you enter into a discussion with us regarding your land, you can be assured of :

•  Transparent discussions
•  Clear explanations
•  Foolproof agreement
•  Timely delivery
•  Quality service